Belen Crew wins US Youth Nationals 2016 (Lwt 8+)

Belen Jesuit Prep Crew wins the 2016 US Youth Nationals in the Lwt 8+

Belen Crew End of the Year Video 2015-2016 / class of 2016

This is the Belen jesuit Crew Team end of the year video 2015-2016, still missing Youth Nationals.

Belen Crew Team Recognition 2016

Belen Crew Team Recognition 2016

Belen Crew San Diego Crew Classic Regatta 2016

Belen Jesuit Prep Crew team wins the LWT 8+ at San Diego Crew Classic Regatta and rankes #1 in the USA

Belen Jesuit Crew Team Promo 2015

Belen Crew Boys Junior 8+ Final @ FSRA Sweep Championships 2015

FSRA Sweep Championships - Sarasota FL - Boys Junior 8+ Final

Belen Crew: State Sculling Championship Sarasota 2015

Belen Crew Team at FSRA Sculling Championships (2 Gold, 7 Silver, 9 Scholastic Cups)

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

Belen Crew at Sarasota Invitational 2015


A 4 minute video of Who Belen Crew is... played at Sarasota Regatta.

Head of The Hooch 2014 Belen Jesuit Crew

Head of The Charles 2014

Head Of The Indian Creek Regatta 2014

Miami Beach Regatta / Head Of Indian Creek Regatta 2014

Belen 2013-2014 Year Video

End of the year video with including the final regattas, SE Regionals, Scholastic Nationals, Youth Nationals and Canadian Henley Regatta.

Scholastic Nationals 2014

Belen Jesuit Crew Promo

2013-2014 Crew Season.

S.E. Regional Championship Regatta

Senior Crew Video

End of the year video made by the Class of 2014

Sculling State Championship 2014 / Belen Crew

Sarasota Invitational 2014

Belen Wins 11 Medals at The Sarasota Invitational 2014

Belen Jesuit Men's Youth 2x @ 2013 HOCR

Belen Jesuit 2x finish up in style, moving from 28th to take a 1st ever HOCR medal for the team...Third overall & Bronze!

Belen Jesuit Crew Men's Youth 8+ @ 2013 HOCR

Belen 8+ start with bow #29, improve finishing position to 21st! 10 spots better & 21 seconds faster than last year!!!

Belen Jesuit Men's Youth 4+ @ 2013 HOCR

From the 49th Head of the Charles regatta. Belen Jesuit Youth 4+ start with bow number 79, move all the way up to 48th overall!

Indian Creek Regatta 2013

Belen Jesuit Crew / Indian Creek Regatta (Miami Beach)



Belen Win Henley Gold! 2013 Royal Canadian Henley M U17 8+ Final

Belen Jesuit Crew U17 8+ sprint to the 2000m mark, winning Gold by a half a deck! Video courtesy of Jorge Padron

Belen Jesuit in Scholastics National Regatta

Belen wins 2 silver in scholastic Nationals

Tennessee SE Regionals

Not much footage of races due to weather... sorry!!

Novice 8+ wins Gold at Regionals in Tennessee

Belen Jesuit Novice 8+ races and good times in Tennessee

Freshman 8+ Boat: State Sweep Championship 2013

Freshman 8+ Boat wins Silver in State Sweep Championship (Belen Jesuit Crew)

State Sweep Championship 2013

2013 FSRA Championships - LWT 4+ Grand Final - Belen Jesuit Prep

Video with commentary, as shown during the 2013 FSRA LWT4+ Grand Final. Belen Jesuit Crew - 2013 FSRA LWT 4+ State & Scholastic Champions!

Freshman 4x win sculling States

State Sculling Championship- Sarasota 2013

Belen Jesuit Crew 4x FSRA Scholastic State Champions

Belen Jesuit Crew JR 4x off the line - 2013 Scholastic 4x Champions, Silver Medal. (Video courtesy of Luis Suarez)

Belen Crew Miami International regatta

Philadelphia Manny Flicks Regatta 2013

regatta Orlando Feb 9, 2013

Turkey Lake, Orlando

Belen Jesuit Crew Youth 8+ - Head of the Charles

Belen Jesuit Crew LWT 8+ Final SDCC 2012

As we get ready to return to San Diego Crew Classic, let's take a look back at a gutsy performance that raised awareness of BJPC out West...

Belen Jesuit Crew Spring Mass

Belen Jesuit Crew Frosh 4+ 2012 FSRA State Champions!

2012 FSRA Quarterfinals Heat 3, Belen Jesuit Crew Freshman 4+ on their way to winning the State Youth and Scholatic Titles

Belen Jesuit Crew Varsity 8+ - OARS Regatta 2012

Belen Jesuit Crew Frosh 4+ @ 2012 Miami Intl. Regatta

Belen Jesuit Crew Men's 4x - Novice Regatta 2012

Novice Regatta - Belen Freshman 4+ (B)

Belen Jesuit Crew Freshman 4+ (B)
Silver Medal at 2012 Novice Regatta
Feb. 11, 2012

How It's Made Rowboat Racing Shells

Belen/MRC Dual - Belen Jesuit Prep Frosh 8+ (A) Onboard

Belen Jesuit Prep Freshman 8+ (A) wins its race at the 2011 Belen/MRC Dual Meet

Head of the Giblet - Belen Lwt 8+ (A)

Final minute of the Gold Medal winning Belen Jesuit Prep Lwt 8+ (A) race at the 2011 Head of the Giblet

Crew History 2004-2008

Belen Crew 2004-2008
by Marina Ruiz

Belen Jesuit 2006-2007 V8 Florida State Champ. Regatta.